Recent Home Strategy Session:

What’s inside the walls?

The Situation:

Client owns a home that has been a rental property for a decade and he is ready to sell and wants to get top dollar (who doesn’t). In the existing layout, the kitchen is stuffed into a dark corner and is disconnected from the rest of the living space. This place needs an open floor plan and a new kitchen but who knows what’s inside the walls? Structural framing? Ductwork? Electrical? Yikes!

Home Strategy Solution:

The homeowner signs up for a Home Strategy Session with floor plans ($750) from the menu on our website and just like that he is under way to finding a solution. Within 48 hours HSP provides several open floor plan options for the client to choose from along with cost estimates. Soon after that a general contractor is chosen and within weeks the remodel project begins. And by the way, the walls contained all three.