Recent Home Strategy Session:

Narrow Stair Nightmare

The Situation:

Realtor with a listing that received favorable feedback but no offers in 24 days. Showing agents said the remodel to the 1920’s home is well done but the upper stairway is too narrow and steep. Listing agent must find out if stairs can be widened and what the cost will be to overcome the one objection and get the house under contract.

Home Strategy Solution:

HSP assesses the situation which ends up being more complicated than anticipated. If you change the upper stairs, the lower set has to be changed also. In addition to that, there is a masonry fireplace, lots of ductwork and a furnace nearby that severely limit the useable space. HSP does a height study, consults with an HVAC contractor and considers the applicable building codes. After a thorough examination and within 48 hours, it is determined that there is just enough room to bring both staircases up to current code and a cost estimate is provided.