Recent Home Strategy Session:

Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?

The Situation:

Realtor with clients who are considering making an offer on a home. They have been looking for months and finally zero in on a good candidate. But, as you may have guessed, they need to remodel a few areas to make it work for them. Specifically, can a bathroom be added in basement, is there enough space for both an office and a bedroom and can the kitchen be opened up? Gotta figure it out quickly because the seller has already received two offers.

Home Strategy Solution:

The buyer’s agent recommends a Home Strategy Session be scheduled ASAP. Her clients book the appointment and a Home Strategy Pro meets them at the house the next day. The client’s needs are discussed as they walk the house. By the end of the appointment the buyers have all of their questions answered including a rough cost estimate of their proposed remodel items. With the unknowns removed, they are confident the home will work for them and move forward making an offer.