Home Maintenance Membership

How it works

Our Strategy Pros come to your home for bi-annual inspections and proactively perform essential tune-ups before they become costly issues. Plus, you get full access to your detailed report anytime, anywhere in our online portal.

Membership Details

  • Two visits per year

    Two visits from a handyman assigned to your home.
    The first one is called a baseline inspection. See below for a more detailed explanation. By having two inspections a year  you are getting a reliable cadence of service.

    With each inspection we include three steps:

    • Step one:  Homeowner identifies any issues with the home in initial walkthrough
    • Step two: Home Strategy Pro conducts deeper dive inspection and documents issues
    • Step three: Home Strategy Pro performs a tune-up on the home

  • Access to Home Strategy Pro portal

    Access to Home Strategy Pro portal with an individual account for your home

    • Your home inspection will be stored here
    • Your punch list – both short and long term will be stored here
    • Request and schedule work
  • Request additional visits

    Request additional visits by your assigned Home Strategy Pro  handyman to take care of items as they arise 

    • Tighten loose door knobs and cabinet doors 
    • Take care of that punch list 
    • A set of helping hands whenever you need them 
  • Management of third-party work

    Our knowledgeable staff will manage projects so you feel confident  the work is being done well and for a fair price.

Baseline Inspection

Baseline inspections include a Home Strategy Pro walking room by room with the homeowner to identify any concerns. Our Pro then returns to each room for a deep dive inspection, documenting details for the inspection report. Finally, the Pro returns to address items on the list that can be repaired on the spot.

This process creates a detailed baseline report, available in our portal, to launch our home maintenance program. After completing the baseline inspection, we debrief with the homeowner offering recommendations for care for your home and alerting you to any long-term concerns to keep an eye on for future maintenance. We attend to repairs and maintenance items that prevent significant problems down the road. This proactive approach helps you maintain your property by performing minor repairs as needed while anticipating big-ticket expenses and allowing you to plan and budget for the future.

The Benefits

On-going partnership 

Build an on-going partnership with us to keep you happy and your home healthy

Dependable service and rates

Reliable cadence of service and reasonable, consistent, predictable pricing

Negotiations on your behalf 

We work with our trusted tradespeople to get you the best rates for large projects