We visit your home and walk with you, room-by-room, seeing the space through your eyes. We look at every detail and discuss the big picture. After listening to your needs, we offer insights about the feasibility of your project. We also offer ideas and discuss a variable of solutions. Our goal is to work as quickly as possible to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about a home you own or a home you are buying. You will receive a Home Strategy Plan the day of your session.

Each Home Strategy Plan is a customized report tailored to fit your specific needs. It provides answers to all questions that you discuss when a Home Strategy Pro comes to your home. It provides invaluable information such as remodel cost estimates as your first step to move forward when buying a home or deciding whether to renovate or sell. This information can then be shared with an architect, engineer and home builder to make your next steps easier.

Home Strategy Pro helps you on the front end when you are considering a home and need some quick answers to figure out the scope of work and overall feasibility. We can also provide as is drawings and proposed layouts which can be utilized by a builder or given to an architect or engineer if your project requires such further documentation.

Credit card payment is due when you schedule your Strategy Session through our secure online system. 

There are no additional costs unless you request additional services that we offer such as Inspection Objection item costs, Floor plans, Permit submittal, Solar shadow analysis, etc.

The on site visit requires only 30-60 minutes of your time so we can discuss your needs and take any measurements and visual inspections needed to answer all of your questions. On average a Home Strategy Session is complete within eight hours and the Home Strategy Plan is delivered via email within 24. 

No. Home Strategy Pro is sometimes called in after the Inspection Report to give cost analysis for the items in the Inspection Report. A Home Strategy Session is designed to help you realize the potential of a home and make you aware of the scope and cost of whatever you are considering.