Helping You Realize the Potential of a Home

We believe home ownership should be easier
— and we’re here to make that a reality.

Our home is often our biggest investment. Yet lack of time, tools, and skills can push home maintenance and improvement projects to the bottom of the list. Creating a strategy for regular maintenance as well as working with a trusted advisor to plan for future home improvements will help you save valuable time and money. 

Home Strategy Pro is your trusted partner to protect your biggest investment.

Home Strategy Pro provides two signature services:

Home Maintenance Membership

Our Home Maintenance Membership offers members recurring bi-annual home inspections and proactive tune-ups that prevent costly repairs.

  • Is home maintenance like the chore you haven't quite gotten around to doing, but you know you should?
  • Do you wish that never ending punchlist would just go away?
  • Do you curse every time you turn that broken door knob?

Remodel Strategy Services

Our Remodel Strategy Services offer expert home advisory services for prospective buyers and owners to make informed decisions on home improvements.

  • Have you been considering doing a remodel but you don't know where to start?
  • Do you wonder how much it would cost to renovate your kitchen?
  • How can I tell how much work this house needs and what will it cost?